A Tribute To Dead Bubble Bobble Designer

I've only just read about this but Fukio MTJ Mitsuji the man who designed some great games for Taito including the two best Taito platformers Bubble Bobble, Rainbow Islands and the shooters Storming Party, Syvalion and Volfied has died. Hes death on the EDIT; December 08 was I believe caused by heart attack plus kidney failure and he entered a coma before he died

It is a great shame to lose such a giant in classic video gaming the cutesy platformer Bubble Bobble is own of the best co-op games anyone can play and for you guys who haven't played Bubble Bobble and Rainbow Islands should check them out imeadiatly! And while you are there play the other great Taito cutesy arcade platformer The Newzealand Story (Of which my avatar is a picture of), another great classic game of which with the other 2 titles I think of the 3 games as almost a trilogy. If you have the 2 great compliation games called Taito Legends 1 (2 is great for classic shmups) for the PC among other platforms you can play all three platforms platformers plus the Qix remake by MTJ, Volfied. Just do yourself a favor and experience these great classic titles and when doing so think of the brilliant design that was in these games and spare a thought for Fukio MTJ Mitsuji.


Well this is a superb example of not believing what you read on the net as fact as it turns out Fukio Mitsuji died in December 08 not August DOH!. But rather then remove this post I thought it better to just leave it up as a testament to a great man in the world of video games. All I can say is live and learn :-/

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